SwarmSight Insect Antenna and Proboscis Tracking and Activity Assessment Software

SwarmSight is an open-source video analysis tool with modules for:

  1. Insect Head Appendage Tracking: Assessing the positions of insect antenna and proboscis tips
  2. Motion Analysis: Assessing the aggregate movement or activity levels of groups or swarms of animals

It was developed by researchers at Arizona State University and is used by behavioral scientists to study the behavior of insects, birds, fish, and other animals. It’s free, open-source, and runs on Windows.

SwarmSight Modules

Appendage Tracking Motion Analysis
SwarmSight Antenna and Proboscis Tracking Software SwarmSight Activity Assessment Software

Source Code

The app is written in C#. To make changes, you will need .Net Framework and Visual Studio (free).

Once you clone or download and unzip the repository, locate SwarmSight.sln to load the project into Visual Studio. Then click “Start” to launch the app.


If you run into problems, please report them as issues. To ensure efficient support, please include screenshots and steps to reproduce the problem, whenever possible.

You may use the app for any purpose (commercial or otherwise) and can modify, copy, and redistribute it as long as you cite me, Justas Birgiolas, as the developer. The app comes with no warranty.

The software uses the following previous work: