SwarmSight Analyzes Aggregate Video Motion

SwarmSight provides frame-by-frame motion data from any video. Vary the sensitivity to find just the moving objects you want. Amplify the size of the detected motion to quickly spot fast moving objects. Pick between processing speed or accuracy. You can even restrict to a specific region in the video.

SwarmSight Motion Analysis Screenshot

Motion of fast-moving stingless bees shown in yellow & blue.

SwarmSight Detecting the Aggregate Motion of a Swarm of Bees

Use SwarmSight to Detect Changes to Aggregate Movement

Have videos with a control and treatment group? Load their motion activity files and compare the two. SwarmSight will also compare parts of the same video. Just load it twice and pick different times in the video to compare.

SwarmSight Compares Videos Motion Screenshot

Compute Motion Comparison Statistics

To compare two videos, load the saved video motion data, select the frames to compare, and click “Compute Statistics”. You’ll get a the results of summary statistics for each frame range and a chart of the average video activity levels.

SwarmSight Statistics

Download & Install

  1. Download the latest SwarmSight Motion Analysis installer
  2. Open the installer in Windows OS, and follow the steps on screen
  3. The installer will download, install, create shortcuts, and launch the app

The app can be launched from Start Menu > SwarmSight > SwarmSight Motion Analysis.

Educational Materials and Examples

A sample video with example analysis and a presentation with examples of how the activity data could be used is located in the Examples folder


When using SwarmSight in your research, please cite the following publication: J Birgiolas, CM Jernigan, BH Smith, SM Crook, SwarmSight: Measuring the temporal progression of animal group activity levels from natural-scene and laboratory videos, Behavior Research Methods, 1-12